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Sunday, May 9, 2021

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A garden is usually a piece of land that is used for growing flowers , trees , shrubs, and other plants. The act of caring for a garden by watering the flowers and plants and removing the weeds is called gardening. There are many types of gardens. People have small private gardens in the backyard outside their house. Some gardens are built indoors in malls, public buildings, or greenhouses. Greenhouses are special buildings where plants are grown.

Describing The Garden

21 Easy Ideas to Beautify Your Yard | Better Homes & Gardens

Vegetables and herbs have a place in the flower garden. Brian Minter uses herbs to edge his beds and borders, and he's especially partial to variegated mint because it arrives early and stays late. The mint's aroma wafts on the breeze when visitors brush against it, and the chefs in the garden's restaurants snip sprigs to flavor the day's fare. Pay attention to foliage texture, as well as color. Here, for example, purple heuchera makes a lovely contrast against 'Burgundy Glow' ajuga and gray-blue stones.

Planning, Planting and Taking Care of a Garden

These writers display how versatile the English language can be. Alice Walker was born in as a farm girl in Georgia. Virginia Woolf was born in London in They have both come to be highly recognized writers of their time, and they both have rather large portfolios of work.
Essay examples. There are many birds, animals, and insects which are a joy to the gardener both in their beauty and in the help they give us in the garden. But there are also many which are pests and which can ruin a beautiful garden. Life would
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