Belonging to a group shapes our identity essay

Sunday, May 9, 2021

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The need to belong, also known as belongingness, refers to a human emotional need to affiliate with and be accepted by members of a group. This may include the need to belong to a peer group at school, to be accepted by co-workers, to be part of an athletic team, or to be part of a religious group. A sense of belonging involves more than simply being acquainted with other people. It is centered on gaining acceptance, attention, and support from members of the group as well as providing the same attention to other members. The need to belong to a group also can lead to changes in behaviors, beliefs, and attitudes as people strive to conform to the standards and norms of the group. In social psychology , the need to belong is an intrinsic motivation to affiliate with others and be socially accepted.
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Identity and Sense of Belonging

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Belonging Essay | Bartleby

From early childhood, a child acquires ideas and attitudes about himherself and others, these attitudes are significantly influenced by the interaction within the family and immediate environment. Through them we learn out true identity and who we belong to, in contrast when involved in foreign or broader community we feel pressured to change our identity in order to be accepted. Our peers and friendship groups reflect our personalities and sometimes even our insecurities. Simon developed new understanding overtime; he worked hard to learn the language and culture so he could belong, the society we are surrounded have a great influence on who we became, we change our behaviors to fit in with different group, in fact this proofs a critical society makes it hard for minorities to find a way to belong. However, things changed with Hoa as she get older, her resistance to Vietnamese culture and language changed she finally accepted her identity and let all the anger gone which allowed her to embrace all the aspects of her culture and tradition, which lead to greater social improvement, improved self esteem and stronger relationship with her parents. Before moving to Australia I went to private school, I was one of the popular students in the school everyone knew me, I felt belonged, secured b my community, when I moved to Australia all that had changed, I was standing at the center of a society whom are not particularly from my background, I had to transform to new people, culture, songs, movies, ideas and politics, it was quite a struggle with little English to adapt to the new changes and feel belonged.
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Identity and Belonging Essay

Social identity is shaped as an individual interact with others in their society and forms a group with people with similar interest. People identity among their culture can vary because of their social characteristics. Their age, gender, work, social class, and place can affect the way one identify themselves. In order to understand how identity changes, one must first understand what identity is.
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We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. People have many different roles in life, these roles serve many different purposes. It is in these roles we find we belong to different groups this makes up our social identity.
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