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Thursday, May 6, 2021

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These tests may be encountered for any position at any level of recruitment, but they may be particularly common when recruiting for positions which require significant problem solving ability or higher use of logic. AssessmentDay offer numerous types of logical reasoning test which can help you perform to your best in the real thing. Practising logical reasoning tests is an ideal method of preparation as it allows you to learn from your mistakes, improving performance with every practice trial. Similarly experiencing time limits, the test layout and the overall test experience can help ease worries and anxieties about the test by familiarising yourself with them. It goes without saying that a candidate that has undertaken a logical reasoning test numerous times and seen their prior mistakes, and learned from them will be less nervous than a first time test candidate.

Critical Thinking Tests

40 Critical Thinking Quizzes Online, Trivia, Questions & Answers - ProProfs Quizzes

Logical reasoning tests are a type of psychometric test used to measure your problem-solving skills. They come in various forms, but all have the underlying purpose of assessing your logical aptitude and your ability to draw conclusions from a given set of information. A logical reasoning test determines your ability to interpret information, and then to apply a systematic process to solve problems and draw relevant conclusions. Rather, it relies on general intelligence, like a standard IQ test. Commonly presented as a series of word problems, deductive reasoning tests require you to apply top-down-logic; that is, you must draw the right conclusion from a set of given premises.


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Joe S.


They deliver before the deadline and the quality is decent, if not the best.

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Gorgonio P.


Last year was all about experiments, but this one will be dedicated to perfectionists.

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