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  • Посланието на Dr. Krigsman за Мина Ламбовски в "Най-добрата майка" - 17.06.2012

    Поради невъзможността лично да участва в предаването "Най-добрата майка" на 17.06.2012г., посветено на Мина Ламбовски, Dr. Krigsman изпрати послание, което с гордост споделяме с вас:

    "It is a great honor for me to write a few sentences about Mina Eneva Lambovski.

    Mina is an exceptional person in so many ways. The diagnosis of her son Boris' autism, a diagnosis which has destroyed the lives, ambitions, aspirations, and energy of so many thousands of parents, actually energized her. She took this diagnosis and asked herself how she could be able to contribute towards the well-being of the worlds children, starting with her own country of Bulgaria. She harnessed her sadness and anger into a program of self-actualization in which she used all of her natural talents and abilities to create a vision for the future of these children. And then she made that vision happen. She educated herself in child psychology and became aware of the amazing complexity of the autism diagnosis. She realized that the disorder includes many diverse areas of pediatric medicine including neurology, immunology, gastroenterology, developmental pediatrics, and behavioral medicine. She travelled the world to learn from experts in these areas. She formed a school which would serve as a nucleus for her larger vision. This school is unique and the only school of it's kind. She succeded in importing medical, behavioral, and academic programs to a country that had none of these.

    Most impressive is her ability to inspire and involve others in her vision, and she is able to do this because of the sincerity and passion that are obvious when you speak with her. She understands very well that autism treatment and research is a process that must involve many and her knowledge and enthusiasm has made so many people with decision-making power support and actively contribute to her work wholeheartedly.

    I am honored to know Mina and to work closely with her for the past 6 years. I am proud to be part of her vision. I salute her today and wish her many many years of health, energy, and success in her work.

    Arthur Krigsman MD
    New York, 15.06.2012"

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